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–Superior performance: Focus on high quality casting materials, tight machining tolerances, no any less-weight ...more

–Large OEM range: According to our powerful machining capacity, we can manufacture...more

–Competitive price: Local Industrial Scale of OEM brake disc, Near sea port, Labor and other costs ...more

Press Room

[2013-06-08]The application of brake rotor in China

Due to the restrictions on the size of the shape of the wheel hub,the disc brakes…

[2013-5-18]How to recover the rust?

Auto brake is generally made by cast iron, so the car stops…

[2012-9-24]”Lightweight” brake rotor, Stop!

Our principle is: we only do preminum disc, we never design and produce lightweight rotor!

[2012-5-23]The most famous brake disc manufacturers : BREMBO

You can have Brembo quality in original equipment replacement brake rotors